Giving Back

Caring about the under resourced

The Allured family is grateful that this business has supported us, our employees and their families over the years. We all enjoy nourishment and health care; however, there are impoverished senior citizens who do not have this luxury. In 2012, Allured made a commitment to this sector of our community and joined forces with the local Humanitarian Service Project (HSP) organization, in support of its Senior Citizen Project. The goal is to raise one endowment each year to add a new senior citizen to the group’s program for life. Allured is pleased to have thus far added four senior citizens to HSP’s Senior Citizen Project.

What is the Senior Citizen Project?

When the Senior Citizen Project began in 1982, it supported just three seniors. To date, it successfully serves 133 seniors. This project is focused on helping Illinois senior citizens living at poverty levels in DuPage and Kane Counties who have limited access to transportation and few, if any, family ties. Often, these seniors must choose between medicine and nutrition.

The Senior Citizen Project delivers over 100 pounds of nutritious food monthly to each senior in the program, helping to eliminate this need to choose. Once a senior is in the program, HSP is committed to helping them for life, or until they move away from the counties served or into a nursing home.

What is an endowment?

One endowment amounts to $16,000. For every $16,000 raised, one senior citizen is supported for life. During the first two years of this partnership, Allured hosted huge garage sales to raise the $15,000 and made it possible to add two new seniors to the program. In 2014, the program changed to a fund-matching model, raising just over $18,000. This made it possible for HSP to enroll a married couple in need to the program. This amounts to a total of $64,000 raised by Allured over the past four years!

The campaign will run from Monday, August 15th until October 14th, 2016.  How you can help?

You can help by contributing to the Allured Matching Campaign. Simply visit  to donate online, or mail a check to:

Humanitarian Service Project
Attn: Matt McGahan, Grants Manager
Address: 465 Randy Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188 USA
Please note on the check: Allured Matching Campaign 2016

Email: [email protected]
www.humanitarian Service Project